Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Dreams

1. To be successful in my career, which is MUSIC.
2. To have a healthy loving family with the correct person, living happily together forever.
3. Teach my children to be good generations who will make this world a better place.
4. Always be in good health

Friday, October 26, 2012

one of my dreams - beautiful house with my love ones

someday, I would want to own a beautiful designed house with beautiful interior design and comfortable environment, beautifully decorated with the orange light. together with my love ones.
when it is too dirty to clean it up, i would hire the cleaner to clean my house once in a while.
I will proof to my family members n relatives how independent and successful I will be with my music career.

I will work for it.
because....human beings (my relatives) will only respect you when they see you're success and rich. that's when they will start saying good things bout you and treat you nicely.
now, they look down on me.
look at how I longed for family's love and their acknowledgement?
something like this is enough. with natural wooden floor design. natural, peaceful n stress release.
and everybody is invited to my house for visiting.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


A hero, a leader
is a person who always being stepped by others
being picked on,
being blamed on,
has lotsa challenges in life.
It's okay, it's okay to be hurt.
it's okay to be used.
one day you will be someone who shine brighter than all others.
you will be so wise and attractive.
I duno, I...I just want a happy life.
My definition of happy is being appreciated by people.
not being fooled
that is more than happy.
I know that my mom appreciates me.
that's why I love her

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Am I a sicko?

I have random personalities sometimes I think i'm weird but I certainly am not an actress. yes I suck in lying. nor act. it wont come naturally. my personalities changed depends on how I feel and the heart. Sometimes I appear to be wise and intelligent. sometimes I'm stupid as a dumb ass and funny. sometimes I'm emotional n so damn negative n weak like a naive kid, n sometimes positive till the meter might go explode. sometimes I'm creative, sometimes I'm loud, sometimes so sociable n sometimes shy n quiet, no, most of the time shy.... sometimes I'm poetic n just feel like writing. sometimes I'm weak. I just feel like there's many different people inside me. well those are my characters I have I can see. u dont have to care. I just love to write and express everything sometimes.
I know I'm a freak. one thing for sure, I am a person who live my own way. as long as I know the things I do is not wrong. Well basically i really LOVE MUSIC alot.

I dunno whether I'm lost or am finding back myself but
Time will heal

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


be a lotus,
grow beautifully although it grows in the mud, never being influenced by the dirty mud.
the heart is important. The heart must conceive good thoughts

Thursday, February 16, 2012



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

perfume from God brother

no matter what happened. today it lighten up me abit
i received this gift in valentine day (as shown in picture). it's a perfume for me from my GodBrother Fumi... :))) thanks Fumi.....

actually, I am being loved by alot of ppl who care, and from positive environment, success ppl.
Thank you God. I'm being heard :))
God, pls save all those bad ppl , change them to be good. save me too.
continue to guide all of us, your creations, to the truth path..
so that this world is a comfort place for us to live in.

Friday, February 10, 2012



Saturday, December 10, 2011

stand up

in this world, big animal eats small animal, small animals eat grass. people are using each other.But Lord Buddha sacrificed himself for the eagle to eat his flesh. when you grow a heart to think about others and lost something for yourself, it's a great action, for the world nowdays which is hard to see this kind of heart anymore...

I loved truthfully.

do u remember how I cried when you wanna start all the things? do u remember how I feel guilty? and, do you remember how I responsible and loyal and holding the trust after we've started. i'm not blaming u, just to let u know i am a person who loved truthfully and honestly.

It's fun to be with me. people need fun. they come for fun. trust by the eyes, not by the ears.....never by the ears again.

my eyes are all teary when I'm writing. do people know how it's like? do people know how it's like when I'm calling help, help to this guy....protect me...every night, everyday, but I never been cared.

I know all that happened i have to be so very strong to face this. of course, on my own feet

my 2nd bro called. he just wanna come back and gives me a hug.he's the only brother who hugged me always when I'm small.

there is only 1 Mayling in this are you Mayling. nobody can become you. you must be success n make your mom happy now. u must stand up n find the happiness